From northern England, likes technology and travel, trying out a more regular habit of writing.

A DDOS on the Brain

I’ve finished work and I’m thinking about what I could write about. The big news today is that Elon Musk is rebranding Twitter to X. Indeed, he’s got which is a very sought after domain name. I suppose that shouldn’t be too surprising since he’s one of the world’s richest men. At the same time it looks like Meta’s Threads is looking to cash in on dissatisfaction users might be having over Twitter. I’ve used Twitter and I use Facebook too. It’s not something that makes me rejoice thoug...
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First Serious Post & Introduction

I came across Listed the other day while exploring features of the Standard Notes app. I was curious - I've always wanted to have a website or blog but have ruled it out because I couldn't think of anything to cover on it. I also worried a lot about how it might be perceived, and the thought of proof reading and checking drafts put me off too. But several pages on Listed suggested the idea of doing 100 days of writing - pushing yourself to be creative but exhausting the basic avenues and then ...
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Trying out Listed

First post to try it out. Listed! It’s a thing! ...
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