My iphone died

Oh, the woe! The tragedy! A life cut short by the cruel vagarities of the modern world!

Heh. That sounded pretty good...

Sometime last year, I gave into temptation and bought myself an iPhone. The Warrior Princess got one for work, and has been fairly happy with it. And I'm honest enough to admit that Geek Me wanted a new toy.

The downside? iPhones are expensive. Not just "oh, I'll just leave out desserts for a month" expensive. More like "say goodbye to your Seattle Sehawks season tickets" expensive.


If you buy an old, used iPhone at the place that's fixing the Warrior Princess' broken iPhone screen, which is just across from the store that's fixing a flat on the Warrior Princess chariot, then the cost is not so bad. I started texting Eileen over iMessage right away, and didn't look back.

Segue now, if you will , to two weeks ago. I had stashed the iPhone in the Bag of Death when I left the office. I got home, put the Bag of Death in its usual place, and then...

It was like a slo-mo segment in a horror film. The iPhone slowly slipped free of the bag. The fall climaxed as the iPhone slammed into the tile floor.

I recovered the victim. His screen was cracked from DC all the way to SFO, with a short branch through Kentucky.

I returned the iPhone to the store that fixes screens. Despite the excellent treatment, three different screen replacements, and the application of a whole fifty-five U.S. dollars, the iPhone was no more.

I was in mourning for about a week. I'm better now. Thank you for asking.

But -- you can't keep a geek down forever. I found an iPhone7 for a really good price, and no felony indictments. It is very cool, in better shape, and eligible for iOS 13 upgrades (the coolest iOS release ever!).

The only oddity is that the iPhone7 is Rose Gold. That will be the subject of an upcoming blog entry.


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