For those of you stuck in the 20th century, an "earbug" is a song that you can't get out of your head. Not even by listening to the very end. Nor even by listening to the very end and adding your own orchestrated ending.

But, did you know that earbugs are dangerous? No? They are, actually. Earbugs can be extremely dangerous.

Case in point. The Warrior Princess can stand, sword in hand in a battlefield of trolls, demons and Republicans, and defeat them all.

When the onslaught is done, the field will be littered with corpses of her attackers. The Warrior Princess will simple clean her sword and walk away. Her hair, naturally, is absolutely perfect and will not even mussed. No big deal, no real danger -- It's just another battle to be won.

However, mention an earbug to the Warrior Princess and she instantly falls to the ground screaming "No! No! Nooooo! Bad geek!"

Note the word "mention". Not play the earbug. Not even say the title. It's enough to hum it under your breath. Or ask"you know that song with gramma in it?". The song rings in the Warrior Princess' head for days.

And, if you are the Texas geek, your head will ring for days, too. Less like song-in-the-head ring. More like extreme headache ring.

Need some examples? Here you go!

  • "Christmas, Christmas time is here" by the Chipmunks
  • That song with gramma in it. (I dare not even think its unholy name.)
  • The George of the Jungle theme song (On YouTube if you're interested...)
  • "I want a Hippopatomus for Christmas"
  • The SuperChicken song. (Also on YouTube...)

Given that the Warrior Princess follows this blog, I'm gonna have to skip out of here and dash off to the Fortress of Solitude for a couple of days. Give her time to get the gramma song out of her head.


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