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Coffee & Christian Worldview
Episode 5

Show Notes:

Evangelicals love celebrities. Why? Is it appropriate?

Is there any place for celebrity in the Christian church?

Where does a celebrity’s fame come from? Is it the renown of Hebrews 11?

Is “Christian” celebrity even Christian? What is “Christian” about it?

Why does Evangelicalism generate celebrities? Always comparing people—higher and lower.

There is a legitimate hierarchy—a biblical structure—of authority. There is a higher and lower: authority and submission. Family, civil state, and the church. Church government: officers and congregants.

Elders rule over the household of God.

Celebrities are viewed as “leaders.”

When the sheep are not properly shepherded in a church, they chase celebrities. Christians go elsewhere to get what they need.

An ecclesiological problem: evangelicals don’t have an ecclesiology.

You cannot be shepherded by a celebrity. All sheep are to be subject to under-shepherds, who are themselves accountable to fellow elders.

“Leader” is a biblically deficient term.

We should ask first: what local church does this “celebrity” belong to that may discipline him?
-If he’s a pastor, what church ordained him?
-Where is his teaching ministry?
-Does he rule well over a local church?

Or does the celebrity have autonomy and immunity?

Instead of chasing stars:
-Submit to real shepherds, elders.
-Be discipled under the ministry of the Word and sacraments.
-Be under the discipline of elders.

Real church-life is hard like family-life is hard. You can’t pick and choose either. That will sanctify you.

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