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Episode 6

Show Notes:

The Ravi Zacharias scandal has got us thinking about some topics:
Christian celebrities and heroes.

Should there be such a thing as "Christian heroes"?
Can we have "Christian heroes" without "hero-worship"?

It's also a reminder to me not to make heroes of mortal men with feet of clay. The best of men are men at best. Far better that our only hero remains Him "who committed no sin nor was deceit found in his mouth".
—Andy Webb

What is our criteria for heroes? What do they have to achieve, according to Scripture? What's the biblical standard?

Think of the Reformers—Luther, Calvin, Zwingli, etc.
Hebrews 11, "heroes of the faith." They obeyed the will of God.
They kept watch over their life and doctrine. Integrity and biblical doctrine.
Imitate their faith and faithfulness.

"Heroes" comes with cultural baggage that does not correspond to Christianity.
-think superheroes
-forced on the Bible

These men who did great work in the church or were sound doctors of the faith were still just men—men at best.
Compare them to Christ.
No one is made of finer clay—no one is superior.

God works in us to will and to do, so to receive a lower or higher status is improper.

When someone who was highly esteemed was exposed, and people are shook, we ask:
Was there hero worship, a.k.a. idolatry?
Did you forget that man was a sinner?

When a man falls, exposed as a fraud, Christians will be shaken who mad that man their foundation, instead of Christ.

But what if these "heroes" were instrumental to brining people to faith in Christ?
Be precise: Jesus Christ saves you. The Triune God saved you.
That human being was merely an instrument.

There is and should be some emotional whiplash to the scandal of minister or public face of Christianity.
Christ and his church has been made to look bad.
God's name is blasphemed among unbelievers.

Our faith is not in human instruments. Christ alone is the cornerstone.

This should serve as a warning: examine yourselves. How much confidence do we place in men?
At the same time, we give credit where it is due—an appropriate level of respect and esteem.

Keep your eye on the line:
due credit and hero-worship.

When your world is rocked by their fall, maybe they had a position in your life that they should not occupy.
Idols will always let you down.

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