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Episode 7

Show Notes:

"Fellowship" is a word used and abused by Christians.

What does it mean according to God's Word?
Why are you using it, instead of another word?

Rarely does anyone define the word according to the Scriptures.

Most often, "fellowship" is used for "socializing."

What is the difference between "socializing" and "fellowship"?

"Use biblical words in biblical ways!"

"Online fellowship"—including worship—is impossible.

1 John 1:3, 6, etc.
Primarily, fellowship is with God.

What does fellowship mean in the context of other Christians.

Does eating, playing sports, going fishing, equal fellowship?

Obviously the public worship of the church is fellowship. But beyond that?

God is the center of conversation, his word. Or a book, even a movie, in relation to God's Word.

Why we are together is different from any other occasion.
Being at work is not fellowship. Playing sports is not fellowship.

Why are Christian labels slapped on every normal activity?

Do evangelicals feel guilty about spending time together to have fun?

In order to fellowship, you need to know your Bible.

Fellowship is physical.
If you encouraged a brother over the phone, just say you encouraged them over the phone.

"Say what you mean, and mean what you say."

True fellowship sounds a lot like private worship—reading of Scripture, prayer, even singing of psalms—just with other people.

"Fellowship" beyond our relationship with God and public worship, is rarely used in Scripture.
Maybe use the term less.

Don't elevate your activities to something they are not.
On the other side, don't feel guilty for just spending time with people.

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