C&CW Ep. 8 - Activity ≠ Maturity, part 1



Coffee & Christian Worldview
Episode 8

Show Notes:

A lesson I learned a long time ago and have never forgotten:
Activity does not equal Maturity

"There's a difference between making busy church workers and making disciples."
—Burk Parsons

Just because there's a lot of busy-ness in a church, doesn't mean disciples are being made.

"It's activity without accomplishment."
—Don Haskins, 'Glory Road' (2006)

Maturity, meaning spiritual maturity. The growth of a person in Christ.

Hebrews 5:11–6:3,

There were many opporutnities for service, many activities: cleaning bathrooms, stacking chairs, making photocopies, etc. Those don't grow Christians in maturity.

You can be busy, but not know the Gospel.

A lady activiely involved for five years at a very busy church, but could not even articulate the Gospel. Something is wrong.

When "leaders" talk about service, they mean get on the "hampster wheel" of church programs.

But can the people even communicate the Gospel?

The product you get is what your system is designed to produce.
The results come naturally from a philosophy of ministry.

Lots of action. Lots of chores. Lots of volunteering.

"Short Term Mission Trips"—the ultimate sign of spiritual maturity. Supposedly.

Giving congregants a lot of stuff to do doesn't mean they are being discipled.

So what should be done?
Cut out 50%–75% of the church activity.

Pastors should tell their people:
Be home. Spend more time with your spouse. Teach your kids. Read the Bible together. Pray together.

The Word of God is the primary means of grace. The reading, and especially the preaching, of the Word of God.
Not just for converting, but for growing.

Jesus commanded that we teach everything. Not the bare minimum, but all of it.
We don't practice doctrinal minimalism.

Personal examples:
No, we're not volunteering.
Because the Christian life is more than being at the physical building where the church meets.

We have this fake idea that work is not God-glorifying unless there is a Bible study there.
The sacred-secular dichotomy.

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