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1 Point Preacher
Episode 1

Show Notes:

It is time for a NEW podcast!

There are many good podcasts devoted to the discipline of preaching.

Why would we have our own podcast on preaching?

How often do people talk about preaching?
Even pastors, talking about how to improve in preaching?

How much help is there for preaching the one point of the text?

We have been talking about preaching for nearly a decade.
And we have evaluated our preaching.

Let's record it to provide a helpful resources, for free.

We are dedicating a podcast to 1 point expository preaching, because it is that important.

We will discuss the principles of expository preaching.


This podcast will even be helpful to hearers of sermons—which every believer is.

Not all preaching is good preaching.
Not all "preaching" is even real preaching.

Faithful shepherds will welcome and seek out feedback.

We hope this new podcast will be helpful to preachers and those who aspire to pulpit ministry.

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