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Episode 27

Show Notes:

5th installment in the "Pulpit Plagiarism" series (Ep. 21–24)

2 Timothy 2:2, And the things which you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses, entrust these to faithful men who will be able to teach others also.

The continuing theme of "able to teach."

The pastoral office includes training the next generation. The pastor must be able to teach, and look for other men who are also able to teach.

If a pastor has been plagiarizing—not been exercising his gift, demonstrating that he is able to teach—how exactly would he be able to pass on this teaching to faithful men?

Many could recognize the ability to teach. A pastor should especially be able to spot that gift. That's what happened with Paul to Timothy.

Continue that pattern of identifying men, and training other pastors. This is how pastoral succession should happen.

For the plagiarizing pastor: what would he have to pass on? Would he even make the attempt to raise young men for the same role?
Even if he knew homiletics, as far as modeling it and training men by example. And giving critique of their preaching?

Plagiarism is an obstacle to obeying this command of training other men for pastoral office.

You can't apply this if you haven't heard from someone.
This is to happen in church life, in the presence of many witnesses.

How would you know men are faithful if you're not?

"The servant will be like his master."
An unfaithful pastor will replicate unfaithful pastors.
The plagiarizing pastor will not have the will to do what Paul says: entrusting the responsibilities of pastoral office. Everything Paul has written to Timothy—doctrine and practice.
He hasn't been a model of faith.
There won't be any personal, hands-on training in the ministry.

Paul's examples of faithfulness:

  • a good soldier
  • an athlete
  • The hard-working farmer (2 Tim. 2:3–6) These people work hard. Plagiarism is someone else doing the hard work. A real elder training men in everyday settings really shows that he knows what he's talking about.

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