Debate reflection

What's the most interesting thing you learned about any of the topics?
How many times graffiti is used as a promotion of hate or used to spread violent images. I also learned that It's main purpose is as a sign of rebellion.

What's the one thing you learned about rational argument?
I learned that connecting things to vices is actually a strategy used in debating and not just something I did to convince my parents they were being irrational.

what was the biggest challenge for you?
When Mr. Carlier stepped into the debate to help the opposition from my relentless flurry of gambling comments.

describe something somebody did well
I think that Arav Chaired the debates really well and did a good job of keeping track of what everyone said.

describe one thing you did well/are proud of
I'm very proud of the fact that I was able to sneakily connect parts of the motion to a vice like gambling. I didn't know it was a valued argument strategy, but I thought it might work so I gave it a try. I then was told that I was using a devious strategy.

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