Tiny Life Report with Bonus Rude Poem

Tiny life report
I love my new job, but today was a tough day. I am already longing for Saturday morning to come.

In other news, I bought a subscription to Standard Notes today! Will give more of my thoughts on it after more use.

Books I finished reading
The Magick of Master Lilly - Tobsha Learner
A above average book, but not the best. If you like historical fiction set in Londons 1600's, with a little bit of magic thrown in, then borrow it from your local library.

Force myself to write a poem- or anything to stretch myself creatively:

Flightly men so often say
"Unfortunately, I must away!"
Caught now in their spell,
Kindling something to swell,
So instead stays with them the rest of the day!

Combination of a limerick and a acrostic. It spells 'Fucks'. Obviously, I am very proud of myself.

Interesting Website:

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