Do not blame the Forest

It has been a busy 6 months!

I have moved out of home, engaged in work with so many different clients and people, and finally ran a single game of DnD (of which I hope to at some point continue).

I must confess, the number one reason why I have not made more blog posts is a crippling fear that notes I made for work would of been posted instead. 

This is rather a boring blog post, but lets see if I can type up a little creative writing piece in 10 minutes with minimal edits...

At first I thought the woods were haunted.

Filled with noises of the world that I could not identify;

Creaking, chirping, rustling, scuttling,

Slithering, moaning, running... and breathing.

In the darkness the unknown engulfed me, and I prayed for sunlight,

Streaming through the branches of this old world.

It wasn't until later that I realised it wasn't haunted.

To haunt, you have to be dead. Don't you?

This place is alive, and it watches and listens. 

I think it is protecting something?

For in its centre a stillness comes.

A held breath? A warning? 

All I know is I ignored the signs.

And now I have seen something, and I am afraid.

It was so beautiful, but I am unsure if I will be allowed to live.

And if it does... then I hope to tell you how much I love you.

My darling, if you ever find this letter,

Do not blame the forest. 

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