My Interests This Past Year

During this past year something which has always caught my eye is football. Watching and supporting your national team is always something to get exited about. I always have took my time to enjoy watching England play which usually doesn't last too long in a knock out cup. Towards the start I enjoy watching the new players who have made it into this years team. For example I see some players who haven't come from the premier league which is the usual league I watch since it consists of teams coming from all over England and Wales. Some players from the team I recognise since they play in the teams I support or enjoy watching.

In this years euros its nice to see the huge number of fans taking the time to cheer their team on even if some games are abroad and hard to get in with restrictions. Anyway as the euro games proceed so does the winning streak for England as they proceed into a big rivalry (at least for England) game against Germany. A tough match but with a team effort and with a ton of pressure for everyone (mostly me) England were sent into the next round. At this point I could see many new and young players making their debut with the squad while they make a world class performance individually and as a team. Going into the final and most important match of the tournament the excitement rushed through me to the very last shot of the match which didn't go in our favour.

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