Analysis of Feeling in Chapter 1 - Touching the Void

1, Establish your focus
2, Show - give quote/examples
3, Analysis - Patterns? Changes? Function? Effects? (exposition, mood, setting, narrate)

Within the first chapter of Touching the Void, the author expresses the sense of feeling and emotion through his thoughts during the starting stages of the journey to the top of the mountain. The character in the story says that he feels “isolated, calm and tranquil” which is the feeling of being alone and relaxed in a positive manner. We understand that he feels this way through the words such as “wonderful” and “complete freedom”. The author uses these words as a sense of foreshadowing since we know that this expedition wont go as planned, which contrasts the positive feeling we receive from reading the beginning of the story. The author even uses phrases such as “I was not in any hurry” and “no one to intrude or come to rescue” to express an even greater feeling that nothing could or will go wrong. Having this positive feeling contrasts the nightmare of danger that the expeditioners will face.

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