Peter Singer Essay Response

Choosing Death - Essay 3

Peter Singer argues his opinions through a story that gives its views from a person going through the phase of choosing death. Creating the story based on the thoughts an individual goes through whilst being in this position gives a clear atmosphere of supporting euthanasia. Peter Singer support this case of ending your own life based on the individual's decision since it will relieve the pain and suffering of the patient. Also, an estimated 50 thousand dollars per year goes into treatment to keep people alive and he believes that remaining alive would waste the time of health care workers.

Before Peter Singer’s essays were written about legalising the right to be euthanized countries and/or states have legalised physicians assisted euthanasia. These locations include Montana and Luxembourg. On the 2nd of March, 2014 Belgium made it legal for children to decide whether to be euthanized or not if they are facing a near-death experience. The child alone would be able to choose if they would like to be euthanized however strict rules state that they must be terminally or incurably ill. They must also meet with a physician whilst being conscious to confirm and agree on the euthanasia treatment based on psychological testing. However, on February 6th 2015, Canada struck denied the right to have physician-assisted suicide. At the time this created huge controversy in the country and around the rest of the world.

In my opinion, I think that every person has the right to have physician-assisted suicide. I believe that incorporating a physician to check that a person is very ill and has a reason to die from mental or physical problems or pains. I also think that the doctors looking after the patient should have a major say if this is such a problem that euthanasia is needed since they would understand the pains and struggles the patient is going through. In the essay, it is said “As Bennett would not benefit from remaining alive, she regarded this as a waste.” I think this statement is true that her suffering for the rest of her life would be a waste however it is said that 50 thousand dollars a year go into the treatment as well as the nurses and doctors time, I don’t think this is an important statement since it doesn’t have the same significance as someone committing suicide. In conclusion I think that a person has the right to take their life away if their case has a large enough significance.

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