Reflection on the Debates

My thoughts about the 3 debates:

A piece of information which came across in the 2nd and 3rd debate but was said more in the second was that when making rules, it is sometimes easier to completely get rid of the situation even if it has it pros. Completely getting rid of situation can also eliminate and completely avoid if any more bad comes from the topic. Whilst listening to the debates something important I learned about a rational argument is that once you have said a statement and the opposition has countered your argument back, you must think about what they have just said in a different manner. Saying this I mean that It might be helpful to take a different approach to the question and flip the argument back. The most difficult challenge for me was to answer a question someones asked since I tried to avoid to repeat what I had said previously and I wanted to counter their question to put the pressure back on the other side of the debate. Something that I saw one person do well was that every time he spoke he would make sure that everybody was listening to him and engaging the opposition but most importantly the people he would try to persuade to be on his side. Something that I did well was that I didn't rush when I was speaking nor speak to slowly either when presenting my speech or answer a question which would make what I am saying more clear and easy to follow.

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