How does Fitzgerald use details of setting and imagery to establish a mood in the opening pages of chapter 2?

In the opening paragraph of The Great Gatsby chapter 2, Fitzgerald creates a mood of sadness with the dark and grey setting in the scene which portrays a gloomy atmosphere. Examples of the diction used to create an eerie imagery is the words "waste land", "ashes" and "ghastly creak". The words such as "waste land" and "ghastly creak" describing the setting of west Egg connotes the empty, ruined and abandoned place Fitzgerald writes about. Additionally the use of ashes throughout the paragraph expresses the run down area that West Egg has now become. This eerie atmosphere creates the mood of sadness since from what is written by Fitzgerald, there isn't an uplifting or a light side the town shown from the chaos and darkness represented.

  • Create examples which tie in with the theses, and analysis them using words from the thesis.
  • Develop the analysis deeper by looking more detailed about the examples and possibly the purpose.

New Version:

Fitzgerald uses a depressing setting in order to create a sad and gloomy mood to describe the Valley of Ashes. For example the setting is described using diction such as "waste land" and "ghastly creak". Relating the Valley of Ashes in such a way gives the reader information about the setting of the area which is filled with sadness and stillness. The particular phrase "waste land" connotes the forgotten and run down area Fitzgerald narrates over which again brings no light to the scene. The diction "grey" and "dust" is also used to express the idea that the Valley of Ashes is gloomy and has no sense of uplifting or hope. This idea contrast with the idea of the "American Dream" showing the reality of West Egg and New York.

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