Imagening a Diaglouge Between Two Characters - Green Hills

EXT. Two women (one twenty years old and the other seventy-two) walking on a long pathway surrounded by grassy fields. The sun is out and the air is so cool and crisp, you can kind of see it. Estelle has a slight German accent and pronounces her ‘th’s more like ‘z’s.

Amber: Don’t get me wrong, this is a breathtaking area but don’t you think it’s time to head back? I never thought I’d say this but the air is too fresh and I’d just like to be alone with my coffee right now.
Estelle: Pardon my French but zat is absolutely absurd. Your grandma is taking time out of her day to take you on zis walk and you just want to go home?
Amber: No, grandma, it’s not you, I’m just not used to the supposed green glow of the countryside, you know.
Estelle: No Amber, I do not know dear.
Amber: It’s just that we see this area in two completely different ways.
Estelle: I can not for ze life of me figure out what you mean, sweetheart.
Amber: Okay, let’s look at it like this. Describe this patch of grass for me will you.
Estelle: Oooo, zis is my cup of tea. Would you prefer detail or just like a vague description?
Amber: Just describe the grass in any way you’d like, Oma.
Estelle: Well, zis entire patch is perfectly verdant, each strand of grass a luscious, raw green. The tips are softly swaying along with the brisk breeze.

Amber: That’s a lovely description but all I see is a bunch of grass standing next to each other and frankly, it’s a little too muddy for my taste.
Estelle: Amber, you have to appreciate ze natural beauty cocooning you, it’s magical!
Amber: Oma, I’m just not an outdoorsy, reading-between-the-lines, kind of person. I don’t even know what verdant means!
Estelle: Oh, it’s simple really, verdant defines as rich wi---
Amber: No, while you would adore sitting and reading in one of these organic, ancient castles, I would very much rather be sitting in a Starbucks drinking my coffee.
Estelle: Amber, I understand, I just thought--
Amber: I’m going back to the city, it was nice seeing you. I hope to see you next Easter as well.

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