#OnePrinter: Fighting COVID-19 with the sickest beats and most inventive 3-D prints

See it live on twitch!

My best friend in LA, electronic musician fzen, joins the fight and ups the stakes.

His music is absolutely incredible. Seriously moving and melodic stuff. Hope it reminds you of all the beauty in the world. fzen spends hundreds of hours on each track. :o You heard it here first. :p

I wish I could see him right now, but we've got important things to do right where we are. I've finally mastered leveling my Ender 3, so already I'm seeing vast improvements in print time. I've also been using FreeCad to develop a honeycomb laminar flow HEPA powered design of my own. ;)

Pro tip: Use some Aquarium Silicone to coat the inside and out to ensure a watertight, durable design.

Lonny Shavelson, MD and
Thalia DeWolf, RN, CHPN of Bay Area End Of Life Options, these prints and those that follow are yours.
Keep up the amazing work. I can't think of better people or a better cause. :)

Sunny days ahead folks!

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