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Bunny Science Halo PAPR

You look either silly or suicidal.

I know. lol. I'm wearing something that saves lives.

That doesn't look safe/You're gonna die, don't you know about CO2?

It's safe for me to wear. Yes, I know about the dangers of CO2. That's why my fan has a rated static pressure of 225 Pa, as outlined here.

You CAN kill yourself or someone else hastily emulating something this silly/suicidal looking.

There's something to be said about intuition, particularly yours in this situation.

What am I looking at?

You're looking at the Halo PAPR. This 3D printed model is an adaptation of what a surgeon might use in the operating room while treating COVID-19 patients.

Did you make this?

Yes and no.

While I had the idea to design a 3D printed PAPR very similar to this, my model made use of a full-face snorkel mask.

The man who designed this is Guy Kuo. Kuo is an anesthesiologist who practices in Bellevue, Washington at Overlake Medical Center and Evergreen Health. Apart from having one of the coolest specialties in medicine, he's also a 3D printer fanatic and talented designer and engineer!

Recently, Guy became of one my few man-crushes due to his ingenious design. What you saw me wearing was the "Halo PAPR" or Personal Air Powdered Respirator.

It can be found here.


I have another, much bulkier PAPR design that is entirely my own which makes use of a ULPA ("Ultra Low Particulate Air") filter with a MERV 17 rating.

What is new is my adaptation for civilian use:

This alteration makes use of a Nalgene lid, a cut-up n95 mask, a carbon filter mask, some pillow stuffing (aka Ploy-fil useful for compressing the layers of the n95 together to maintain filter performance in addition to adding even more mechanical filtration) and aquarium silicone for a perfect seal.

Ok but why?

I'll be candid, the journey that ended here started with a sort of paranoia.

My 70-year-old mom is one of the best teachers I know. She teaches elementary and middle school as a retired teacher, turned substitute and tutor. Although she is out of work now, as are most of us including myself, I didn't know there would be a shelter-in-place order. Although I hate that she still needs to work, she's the most committed and caring person in my life. Her care and attention to students as well as my gratitude and protectiveness of her had me very concerned, to say the least. Anyone who works with children or know someone who does also knows just how often and easily those people get sick. I remember being pained every time I would see my mother battling whatever seasonal malady had been incubating among her students. I could not face the likely possibility that if she were to keep teaching that she, along with my father, would likely become very ill. I worried that even if they recovered, it might not be fully.

So rather than face this tragic likelihood, I decided to act. With social distancing loosening and uncertainty on the horizon as protesters and anti-vaxers selfishly storm the streets, I am acting once again.

As a wise former-man-crush once said: "You cannot get people to change by force. If you want change, you simply must provide a better alternative."

I act today not out of paranoia. I act to promote science, compassion for others, and creative, intrepid, action instead of ignorance, disregard, and indolence.

Finally, I also act to bring attention to Guy Kuo. Technologies like his Halo PAPR will allow caretakers and doctors in countries like India to protect themselves. It will allow people like me to protect my mom and dad. Kuo's competition, the 3M Versaflo TR-300 and similar are in short supply and can cost upwards of $3000.

How much did this cost you to make?

I was given 3D printer filament by a generous donor on Nextdoor for use in aiding healthcare workers. I took apart an old laptop and retrieved the 51mm blower fan myself. The rest has been put together with what I had around the house. Remember, I'm out of a job and out of money. I haven't even received my $1200 at this point in time.

Grand total of $0.

Why are you wearing a mask? Don't you have enough PPE already?

Look closely at the Halo PAPR. It's ok if you walk back to get a second look, I don't mind. You'll notice that while I'm protected by state of the art filtration and positive pressure...you...well you get the unfiltered exhaust.

The ONLY reason I am wearing a mask is to protect YOU.

You're welcome.

What are you printing right now?

Great question. I'm donating these through masksfordocs.

Can I buy one? (Mask or PAPR or other)


I am living entirely off of the generosity of close family and friends at this point.

You can definitely trade me something on my amazon wishlist or some gift cards for groceries though.

However, I don't know how I feel about the ethics of monetary donations just yet. I guess I'll leave it up to you.

If I get more filament I can donate more supplies to hospitals and doctors.

Shoot me an email: nocovid19here@pm.me

Check out my 3D prints while I work on getting my website working.

If you're hiring, please check out my landing page.


I also design websites, deliver groceries, and offer my consultation and mad research skills. My cup is as empty as my wallet; I'm open and willing to help however I can.

Donations and Cryptocurrency:

Bitcoin: 1E8CvXB4NcZ5vztFkRWKBN1P3r3rGHzpyH


Amazon Wishlist

I don't trust your links.

Good! Smart person. Try this out: https://www.virustotal.com/ or google it yourself if you've got a tin-foil hat/PAPR on too.

Who are you?

That depends on your metaphysical worldview, but this might help.

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