Working Hard

I'm taking a brief break from studying to write. I've been studying really effectively recently, I'd say I only "waste" 3-5 hours a day (1 day = 12hrs). I am so incredibly thankful I get access to amazing technology throughout my education. I've heard of schools that prohibit or restrict technology, and to that I ask pressingly: How the fuck?

I am 100% paperless. I have 5 sheets of emergency paper and I never use them. I write all my notes, tests and assignments using some sort of device. All my school's media and study material is available online - no textbooks or paper hand outs. Here is a list of my wonderful devices:

  • MacBook Pro (13") for writing assignments, sometimes notes, and accessing school's website/handing things in.

  • iPad Pro (12.9") + Apple Pencil for writing notes using the app notability, and also accessing school website

  • iPhone XS for setting reminders, using study time tracker apps (like flora) and misc activities

Now the apps I use for school:

  • Quizlet: awesome for memorizing terms and diagrams
  • Khan Academy: Don't use all that much but watching the videos is a good way to remain productive while eating
  • Google Calendar: I keep ALL my shit on here, my due dates, test dates, any other dates, tasks, reminders, marks and anything else about my life that I need to organize
  • Flora: a nice study app that keeps me motivated
  • Notability: Where I hand write all my notes and tests
  • Pages: Where I write my assignments and typed notes

And there's some other ones like google drive, photos, chrome, outlook etc. but those are pretty basic.

I can't imagine how some school don't use tech. You literally can't learn at my school if you don't have a phone, and if you don't have a laptop you have to sign one out from the community laptops in the LC (LC = basically a library but computers replace the books). Also, all the incoming grade 9's get iPads that they can have and take anywhere for the whole year (my year didn't get this, I bought my own iPad) I believe the way my school works is a better future for education, because it's good for the environment and effective for students.

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