English Studies vs Math and Science

I am good at arts and humanities, but talent does not aways equal passion. I don't like how greyscale these things are. I used to think I wanted to do art for my career, but that was quickly abandoned once I reached high school.

I feel bad because I used to be such an advocate for the arts, but I must say I don't think art is very important anymore. I don't get it either. Some artwork is amazing, like he work of tattoo artist Mr K and the hyperrealism of religious paintings, but most artwork I think is sort of stupid. This includes writings as well.

Trying to extract some sort of meaning from shapes and colours is just not very fruitful. "These blue tones make the painting feel cold and communicate the painter's emotions towards the war" - Really?? You cannot prove that, nor does it make much sense. Same with statements like: "Using words such as 'void' and symbols such as 'the raven' creates theme in the essay." These loosely interpreted things give me the most unsatisfactory of feelings! To me, art isn't about the message but about skill and talent. I know this is an unpopular opinion, but abstract art or art "for the message" is crappy and often lazy.

I think maths and sciences are much more valuable and important than arts. It is my opinion that math and sciences should be mandatory throughout high school - another opinion that is unpopular.

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