My Friends

I always write about my boyfriend because if you strip away that label he is truly just my best friend. But I do have 2 other friends, who are girls. Even though our trio used to be close as could be we really drifted apart in the last two years. We still see each other often and enjoy doing things together but it's not like it used to be.

They have boyfriends too, but their relationships seem more real than Adrian and I's, maybe because they just met their boyfriends in the last 2 years and Adrian and I met when we were 12 (terrible age to make a good impression). My friend's relationships are swoozy and romantic, they send each other good morning/night texts and say things like "be safe!"
Adrian and I work more like friends... calling each other faggots and arguing like an old married couple.
Where my friend Laurie's boyfriend sends her "I love u baby", mine sends me pictures of hentai captioned "y cant u look like this?"
So sometimes I think my friend's look down on us. We don't seem to fit in. There's also the fact that I don't feel romantic attraction, which makes our relationship a little... alternative.

I love my friends, but I can tell we won't be friends much longer. I do want to keep in touch, though.

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