Feeling Good

I realized yesterday that I am doing amazing in terms of keeping up with my work.

You see, I fucked up my high school education completely and as a result had to fit both grade 11 and 12 into my grade 12 year.

This means that I am taking grade 11 advanced functions, biology and chemistry and grade 12 creative writing all in this one semester at the same time. On top of this I am dealing with applying to universities, which is almost a course in itself. It dawned on me that my course load is incredible and not something people usually have, because most people take a spare each semester and biology and chemistry in separate semesters (not at the same time).

So I'm feeling very proud of myself for having 90%'s in advanced functions and creative writing, and 80's in chemistry and biology. I have done so much work so fast I hardly had time to think and appreciate my accomplishments!

Next semester, my last of high school, I will have grade 12 chemistry, biology, advanced functions and a spare. I am so looking forward to that luxurious spare!

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