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I haven't written anything because I started a new blog. But I don't like it.

Nothing will ever compare to Anonyme.com. It was a blogging site that mysteriously shut down one day. I just spent 2 hours scouring the way back machine trying to find any of my old posts. All I found was the fragment of a sentence:
"When I think back to grade 6, it seems like a different person. I had weird hair, wore colourful clothes, and was quite outgoing. I know, it can't be me right?!?! In just 2 years..."
That was it. I clicked on the username, DakotaKingsley, and nothing came up. I searched and searched - nothing. That sentence is all that remains.
The community on that platform was amazing. It was just lost people writing anything and everything. Anonymously. You could browse, comment, follow, message, tag... it was perfect. I poured my heart out on that website from grades 7 to 9. I had favourite bloggers who I engaged with regularly, and some followed my blog too.
There was a stripper telling tales of her trade,
A man looking for a girlfriend,
A woman suffering from depression who got pregnant,
A boy who liked to write dark poetry,
A man who had a affair with a prostitute
And money more stories. People wrote about their fears, sex lives, relationships, work, ideas, life in general. There were 12 years olds and 50 years olds. I'd receive comments asking me questions or giving me advice, I'd comment of other people's posts too. It was a magical website.
Then one day I clicked the link and it was gone. I think it was the summer between 9th and 10th grade. No time for goodbyes to my followers or friends. No updates. No answers. I was sorely disappointed, and still am. What I wouldn't give to get a chance to read my old blog! Just 1 more day on the site!
Since anonyme I've had many blogs on various other websites like tumblr and this site, but it's never been close to the same. Sad.

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