C4 Kinetic Theory of Gases and Ideal Gas Laws

What is an ideal gas
Are the gases in real ideal gas?
Kinetic model of Gases
-Molecules of gas behave as identical, hard, perfectly elastic sphere
-The volume of molecules is negligible compared to the volume of the container
-The time of a collision is negligible compared to time between collision
-There are no intermolecular forces
-The molecules are in continuous random motion.

Ideal Gas Laws
{Boyle's Law
-The absolute pressure is inversely proportional to the volume of a fixed mass of gas, provided the temperature remains unchanged within a closed system}
P proportional 1/V --> PV=k

{Charle's Law
-the absolute temperature is directly proportional to the volume of a fixed mass of gas, provided the pressure remains unchanged within a closed system
V proportional T --> V/T=k

Combined equation PV/T=k gradient proportional n, PV/T proportional n, PV/T=nR

Equation of state for an Ideal Gas
Where, P=pressure(Pa, Nm-2), V=volume(m3), n=number of moles(mol),
R=universal gas constant(8.31Jmol-1K-1), T=Temperature(K), R/N[A]=k

Ideal Gas Equation
Where, P=Pressure, V=Volume, N=number of molecules, k=Boltzmann constant(1.3810-23JK-1)
PV=NkT, Pv=1/3Nm, NkT=1/3Nm, 1/2
3kT=m*1/2, E=3/2kT

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