Saturday, Apr 22, 2023 at 12:45 PM

Original question:

Why would anyone want to drop the age of the majority to 16?

My answer:

Can’t be pedophiles. They’d want 5 years old and up maximum. That’s why teachers are pissed they can’t talk sex to toddlers anymore. Early grooming increases their value.

What else have they instructed our children to keep secret from their parents and others? The schools need to be dismantled and investigated, the current unions and union bosses banned and investigated. I’d say shut them down now, today. They’re doing more harm than good as most all these practices continue.

And every teacher that talked sex to any child under 18 without signed parental permission specifically for that type of discussion, needs to do time and be banned from working with, or around, young people for life. Especially if they told the kids not to tell their parents and/or encouraged them to lie and/or break laws.

They held a sacred trust, and shit on our kids. Many of them will be irredeemable and live horrible lives because of these monsters.

And it didn’t have to happen. It was fucking malicious, for politics. If our ’leaders’ hadn’t agreed and backed their play, it couldn’t have happened. They need to be rooted out, tried for treason, and hanged, or whatever capitol punishment they like, so long as it’s quick. We cannot allow such people who would use and harm our children in an attempt to harm our nation to continue to clutter the planet and get book and movie deals and teach others their ways.

They used, and hurt, our children. In many cases, actively turned them against their parents and encouraged them to sterilize themselves. That’s what all this trans trash is about. Your new junk doesn’t work to make babies. They want the bloodlines gone.

Have they “reimagined” eugenics, too?

There is no defense, there can be no forgiveness

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