Now on Tumblr also!

The GrayFly Group now has a fresh social media presence on Tumblr, in addition to our existing presence on Pinterest and Plurk.

We explained previously why we stopped using Twitter.

In related news, we have also installed Tumblr share buttons on GoodKidsClothes and FlipFall. This means that anyone with a Tumblr account can easily share any of our articles to their Tumblr blog, should they wish to do so.

How is our Tumblr profile different from Plurk?

The Tumblr posts are a bit more personal than those we put up on Plurk. We also post slightly less frequently on Tumblr.

In common to both of these social media places though, is that we share our new articles on both Tumblr and Plurk (in addition of course to Pinterest).

The bottom line: if you want somewhat more personal, chatty updates then you'd want to check out our Tumblr. If you want "just the facts" then you'd want to see our Plurk. So they don't completely overlap, they serve slightly different functions while still overlapping when it comes to sharing new articles.

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