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A behind-the-scenes look at The GrayFly Group, a group of lifestyle blogs. These sites include (kids style and family life) and (life tips for women, men, and teens)

Site profile: adorable animals

Here I'll talk about our newest site, a collection of cute pictures of animals.

This site was designed to solve the problem of what to post on social media. All too often, current events are divisive and depressing. Posting something upbeat as a mood booster is a great idea, but it can be hard to know where to go to get material for that. Enter our site Gigatal! It's a curated collection of cute animal pics. These have a broad appeal that everyone will enjoy, and are suitable for all forms of social media.

Image sourcing

Images were obtained from free stock photo site Of course, anyone can go to Pixabay and find those same photos, but our site saves the user time by curating a collection of these photos in one place.


The background of the images is a gradient that goes from pale blue at the top left to pale orange at the bottom right. We wanted something that was more than just plain white while not looking too busy. It was important to let the images of the animals stand out and not distract the viewer by an overly detailed background.

Browsing experience

The site was designed equally for desktop and phone. The images each have a clearly labelled "Download" button.

Color scheme

To reflect the emphasis on cuteness that is the topic of this site, the color scheme is largely pastels with a pop of medium brown.

Other uses

Besides a source of positive and family-friendly social media content, these images can also be used as screen backgrounds. Animal wallpaper lends a cheerful tone to any device, whether it's a phone, tablet, laptop or desktop. These cute animal pics work well for any purpose.

What we are all about

If I had to sum up in one sentence what The GrayFly Group is about, I would say:

"Offering helpful advice and how-to's"

Although we have multiple sites in different niches, they all come down to advice, how-to's and other helpful items.

Of course, some of the sites appeal to different audiences. For example, one site is about children's clothing while another is a gamertag generator. But across all the sites together, we believe there is something for everyone.

Some examples of items which have a broad appeal are our dinner party playlist and our free wallpapers for phone and tablet.

Recent updates about social media

Our social media profile focuses on our larger sites, so our other sites are not always mentioned as much in our social media posts, but we still post items from all our sites.

As a behind-the-scenes update, our brand recently took a bit of a break from Twitter (for several months) and we are now back on Twitter although with a less-than-daily schedule. I have had some internal debate about whether to state the reasons for our break from Twitter and subsequent reduced schedule on it. Ultimately it was not just down to one reason but rather a convergence of business-oriented reasons, and it was going to be complex to write all of it down. With Twitter being an extremely small part of what we do, I felt it just wasn't worth writing an article here about something that is not central to what we do.

We continue to be active 6 days a week on Plurk, and similar on Pinterest. We do all our own templates for Pinterest, which has been fun! I particularly like the ones that have white writing on a black frosted box over the photo. We vary these between light / dark themes based on how much light or dark there is in the photo so that there is maximum contrast between the photo background and the frosted box. This allows the writing to stand out more on the Pinterest image.

Site profile: Gamertag generator

This is a profile of our site, a generator of gamertags. It can be difficult to come up with a good gaming username on the spot, so to solve this problem we created this gamertag generator.

Word selection

The website generates 3 usernames each time, with a "Generate New" button to re-generate. All of the words used in the gamertags were hand-selected to be upbeat, gaming-oriented, and suitable for all ages and genders. In addition, many of the words are not ones that would spring to mind as quickly, making the resultant gamertag less likely to be already taken in your gaming system of choice.

It is theoretically possible that the generator can come up with two identical gamertags within the same set of 3, but it is not very likely to happen given how many words are in the available word lists.

In addition to gamer tags, the generated items work equally well as usernames for forums or other purposes.

Colors and art

The background artwork was purchased from a stock photo site.

The colors of the website were selected to be be a good fit with the background artwork without being an exact color match.

We created the logo artwork for Overtwo ourselves.


Overtwo is the place to go for the best gamertags.

Our business logo, and why we had a child pick the final version

Our current business logo

Our business logo, as you can see, is a gray fly surrounded by the letter "G" in black.

Originally our logo was just the fly, but that didn't look so pretty. But it still needed to be straightforward, so in 2021 I had the idea to surround the fly with the letter G. The big question was, which font? Since our biggest niche is lifestyle and family life blogs, the font needed to represent that well. I created a shortlist of 3 logos, where the only difference was the font of the letter G.

Why we trusted a child to pick out the final version of our logo

Eager to press ahead with the final logo, I asked my elementary school age son which he thought was best, with the theory that being a kid, he hopefully wouldn't over-think this. Indeed, he pointed straight to the one you see on our home page. This was actually not my personal top favorite at the time, but I asked him why he liked it best. He replied that the other G's I had were too handwriting-y and loop-y, so it was hard to tell that they were G's and not squiggles. That was an incredibly good answer, so we adopted it as the logo immediately.

Moral of the story: if you want to pick a visual from a shortlist, ask a kid.

Where did the image of the fly come from?

The best way to ensure you have a legal and original image is to create it yourself. This is how we got the fly. Many many years ago, when I first started this business, I spotted a fly on some light mulch in the garden and took a photo of it. I then isolated it against a white background using image processing software. And that's how our fly image was created.


Hello from the GrayFly Group! First of all, it's a group of blogs, not a group of people. I'll be covering some fun, behind-the-scenes things. First a little introduction.

The GrayFly Group is the registered DBA (trade name) for GrayFly Stationery, LLC, a limited liability business registered in the state of Kentucky, USA. That's right - it started off as a stationery company but eventually expanded into website design and more.

Fun fact: There is only 1 person managing all this.

In subsequent posts we'll cover topics such as how was our logo created? And why did we trust an elementary school age child to pick our final logo from our shortlist of 3 logos?

For now though, have a great rest of your day!