Updates on our social media usage

Currently, The GrayFly Group is active on these social media platforms:

Pinterest: @grayflygroup
Bluesky: @vera-grayfly
Plurk: @grayflygroup

Changes to our Pinterest usage

We're still active, but less than before. We used to be active daily on Pinterest, pinning items of others as well as our own things. This turned out to be a waste of time because we'd see less and less engagement. The current strategy is simply to pin our items as they come out, which is every few days.

I'd love to pin items of others too, but it simply takes too long and Pinterest does not appear to reward for it. In fact I saw a series of diminishing engagement over time, even with daily usage. That time is now better spent towards writing new articles.

Places we're no longer active

We are no longer active on Twitter/X and have not been for a long time. Its mercurial management style is not as desirable as the more professional styles of the platforms mentioned above.

We are also no longer active on Tumblr but for a different reason - because of the sheer length of time it takes to share a link compared to that of the other platforms. It's simply not convenient to share either an image link or a text link; however, a Tumblr share button is still offered on all our posts in case our readers wish to use it themselves.

We are no longer active on Pebble / T2 for the sole reason that it has shut down, sadly. The platform itself was a good fit for our brand.


Our social media usage is always something that will evolve over time, so we'll post more updates here on Listed as needed.

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