What we are all about

If I had to sum up in one sentence what The GrayFly Group is about, I would say:

"Offering helpful advice and how-to's"

Although we have multiple sites in different niches, they all come down to advice, how-to's and other helpful items.

Of course, some of the sites appeal to different audiences. For example, one site is about children's clothing while another is a gamertag generator. But across all the sites together, we believe there is something for everyone.

Some examples of items which have a broad appeal are how to sleep for 7 hours, our username generator and a random search term generator

Recent updates about social media

Our social media profile focuses on our larger sites, so our other sites are not always mentioned as much in our social media posts, but we still post items from all our sites.

As a behind-the-scenes update, our brand recently took a bit of a break from Twitter (for several months) and we are now back on Twitter although with a less-than-daily schedule. I have had some internal debate about whether to state the reasons for our break from Twitter and subsequent reduced schedule on it. Ultimately it was not just down to one reason but rather a convergence of business-oriented reasons, and it was going to be complex to write all of it down. With Twitter being an extremely small part of what we do, I felt it just wasn't worth writing an article here about something that is not central to what we do.

We continue to be active 6 days a week on Plurk, and similar on Pinterest. We do all our own templates for Pinterest, which has been fun! I particularly like the ones that have white writing on a black frosted box over the photo. We vary these between light / dark themes based on how much light or dark there is in the photo so that there is maximum contrast between the photo background and the frosted box. This allows the writing to stand out more on the Pinterest image.

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