Our business logo, and why we had a child pick the final version

Our current business logo

Our business logo, as you can see, is a gray fly surrounded by the letter "G" in black.

Originally our logo was just the fly, but that didn't look so pretty. But it still needed to be straightforward, so in 2021 I had the idea to surround the fly with the letter G. The big question was, which font? Since our biggest niche is lifestyle and family life blogs, the font needed to represent that well. I created a shortlist of 3 logos, where the only difference was the font of the letter G.

Why we trusted a child to pick out the final version of our logo

Eager to press ahead with the final logo, I asked my elementary school age son which he thought was best, with the theory that being a kid, he hopefully wouldn't over-think this. Indeed, he pointed straight to the one you see on our home page. This was actually not my personal top favorite at the time, but I asked him why he liked it best. He replied that the other G's I had were too handwriting-y and loop-y, so it was hard to tell that they were G's and not squiggles. That was an incredibly good answer, so we adopted it as the logo immediately.

Moral of the story: if you want to pick a visual from a shortlist, ask a kid.

Where did the image of the fly come from?

The best way to ensure you have a legal and original image is to create it yourself. This is how we got the fly. Many many years ago, when I first started this business, I spotted a fly on some light mulch in the garden and took a photo of it. I then isolated it against a white background using image processing software. And that's how our fly image was created.

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