Hello world

First post on Listed!

I’ve been using Standard Notes everyday for years and somehow I didn't know that it comes with Listed - a free blogging platform! I actually read the change log today when I was updating the app, hence, now, I’m writing this first post.

I’m starting another blog! I can’t help it. I like the idea of blogging but often can’t keep it going for long. Lack of determination! I’m usually blogging on Wordpress, I hope that because I open Standard Notes everyday, it will encourage or remind me to write more often. I only have a plain text editor on Standard Notes, this should also help me to get more focused when writing.

The setup of the blog site on Listed is so simple. One thing to note is that the setup works best on the Standard Notes web app for me. The iPad app didn’t let me register/install the plug-in.

My favourite note taking app is also a blogging tool for me now, how exciting!

It’s free, it’s integrated, I’m going to give it a go.

I’m not sure what I’m going to write here yet, maybe I’ll just start with some ramblings thoughts, bear with me..


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