EARN IT Act Warning

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The EARN IT Act of 2021-2022 is the most dangerous act ever to let the people know what they are talking about. It consistent of encryption breaking and security breaching. The Act was first introduced in 2020, then reintroduced in 2022. Not only that, the Act was under the Trump administration in 2020. In 2022, 2 congress members reintroduced the bill as S.3538 versus the previous bill as S.3398.

Dangerous to Pass

When the bill was introduced in 2020, people has freaked out about this bill. The bill consistent of Amendments 1 and 4 violations of constitutional rules for the bill to pass. In other words, the bill was unconstitutional to fit into the laws of online technology. The ways of the Act to pass, the congress needed 2/3 of the house to pass the Act. Then, the senate will pass the Act with majority of the chamber; However, the Judiciary Branch can vote NAY for the Act and cited as unconstitutional whilst the Executive Branch still working on something.


If the bill passes, here are the list of effects to everyone:
1. Tracking
2. Data collection
3. Autocracy
4. “Out of Luck”
5. Breaking all of the security and encryption

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