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This is an Unix-like operating system that can be customize by looking/reading the codes. It has three default GUI's (Mac OS, Windows, Phoenix).


Mac OS

This GUI was copyrighted by Apple INC for Mac only use, but the OG Mac users knew how to handle this. If you don't know how to handle/use this, here are the instructions:
1. Just play around it. (JK, just look at the next step)
2. Mess with the mouse and the controls.
3. Mess the apps. (That's simple as crap.)


This GUI was copyrighted by Microsoft INC for most of PCs, but PC users knew how to handle this. If you don't know how to handle/use this, same instructions as above.


This GUI is under opensource license of MIT, where Mac OS also using the GUI for its OS GUI.


If you want to modify this OS with more customization, you may modify as you can, but be cautious of the GUI settings, it may break the system operations.

Custom APIs

If you don't want to mess up the built-in API, you can create your own API to work with the system. WARNING: YOU MUST CHECK YOUR API BEFORE YOU CAN USE IT.


We have few security features. Those we have it for default in the following below:

Nix OS

This is for the basic commands for the remote control of the machines.

Qubes OS

This is for security isolation for all VMs for the remote control and/or for work/gaming.



This is our kernel for the OS. Short for Howard's Kernel Tree, or HowKerTree. It is Linux-like Kernel for the OS security and privacy to act against the EARN IT bills that congress made. Currently, the kernel still under a certain decisions for the best placement for the actual security and privacy features for the OS.

Hybrid UN*X Time

This will have combination of unsigned and signed UN*X time for the extended time for earliest and latest times.

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