Analysis on emotions

Analysis of words describing emotions in chapter 1

I will be writing about the book Touching the Void written by Joe Simpson. The text piece that I will be analysing is on page 21 of the book. The topic which I will be focus on is the emotions that the author is describing in the first paragraph. I think that the author did a great job of describing the emotions of joe in this paragraph.

For instance, in the third sentence the author wrote “It was wonderfully calming and tranquil to be here. I became aware of a feeling of complete freedom - to do what I wanted to do when I wanted to, and in whatever manner.” What the author is trying to communicate to the reader is that it is very peaceful and Joe likes being isolated and completely free. Nowadays it is hard to achieve this due to all the problems and work we encounter in our daily lives.

Another example is when the writer wrote “All lethargy was swept away by an invigorating independence.” What the writer is trying to say is that Joe is not tired anymore and is willing to give it his all to try and climb the mountain. I think the reason why he said the invigorating independence was the reason why all the lethargy went away is that, all responsibility is in their hands and there is no one else to help them. I think this is what gave him the feeling of being able to do it and give it his all.

Thirdly, another example is When the author wrote:”I was not in any hurry, and knew we could both reach the summit easily.” What the author is trying to say here is that he feels very positive about being able to reach the summit of the mountain. This kind of feels like a really brave and enthusiastic emotion because the author is so confident in himself.

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