Practising writing concisely

  1. Outline two ways in which Pilkington gives you a sense of perspective in the first 8 lines of the text? [2 marks]

Trough-out the first 8 lines of the text you can clearly tell that he is stating his opinion. This shows that the text is from Pilkington's perspective. Secondly, he uses the word "I" which also shows it is written in the first person perspective indicating that it is Pilkington who wrote it.

  1. Identify two ways in which the author makes the description of the toad killings memorable. [2 marks]

One way the author has made the description of the toad killing memorable, is by using diction. He has used words such as massacre which immediately gives a strong impact on the reader. The second way he has made it memorable is by using imagery which he uses by giving a extremely detailed explanation on how the person is killing the toads.

  1. Select two examples of humour from the text and analyse the effect of each on the reader. [4 marks]

Firstly, Pilkington talked about how Chinese people do not age well and giving a sarcastic remark stating: "I've always though that the Chinese don't age very well, that they look healthy and good looking until about the age of 35." Another way the author used humour is when he was talking about how the person eating the egg does not wait for it to be born yet, which again is a sarcastic remark.

Video Questions:

  1. Outline two ways in which sound plays a role in this scene. (Do not include comments on the use of voice-over here). [2 marks]

One way sounds plays an important role is because the diegetic sounds (the people having conversations with each-other) gives you a feeling that you are actually there. Secondly, there is no music which gives it a more authentic/realistic feeling to the audience.

  1. What is the overall effect of the voice-over in this extract? Select two examples of voice over commentary and analyse their effect on the viewer. [4 marks]

The effect of the voice over in this extract is that it gives a more detailed description of what Pilkington is seeing. This makes the audience more aware of what is happening and makes them understand it better as well.

  1. Outline two ways in which Pilkington makes the scorpion eating scene humorous through his spoken language in the scene. Give an example of each. [4 marks]

One way Pilkington made the scorpion eating scene humorous is by using slang such as: "What should I go first, the head or the arse?" This again is a sarcastic remark, joking about their food which would be considered rude but that is the way he talks and makes it more entertaining for others to watch. Secondly, he talked about them eating cockroaches which is normal for them, however if somewhere in Europe there was a cockroach, the restaurant would be closed.

Time given: 15 minutes

Film Analysis

1:31:10 -> 1:34:00

You can clearly see the emotion of Joe throughout this part of the film using the sounds. Firstly, You can hear the groaning and struggling while he is dragging himself over the rocks. The groaning clearly indicates that he is struggling and very upset. In his case, he would be mad because he is not able to go faster, and sad because he knows that there is a slim Chance that he will survive.

Secondly, the music of (Boney M.) clearly indicates the emotions of him as well. This shows to the watcher that he is becoming delusional and that it really shows the seriousness of the situation he is currently inside of. The music does contrast the situation because the music is upbeat and happy even-though the situation is sad and frustrating.

Note 3

The scene that we chose clearly see that Joe is hallucinating and is becoming delusional due to the dehydration that he is facing.
We know that Joe is hallucinating and becoming delusional because he is laughing even though the situation he is in is horrible and not funny at all. Another reason on why we know he is going crazy is that there is a constant song playing inside of his head without him being able to stop it. The purpose of this scene is to showcase what is going on inside of joe's head and to show how bad the situation is which he is currently stuck inside of.

10-15 minutes

Analysis on emotions

Analysis of words describing emotions in chapter 1

I will be writing about the book Touching the Void written by Joe Simpson. The text piece that I will be analysing is on page 21 of the book. The topic which I will be focus on is the emotions that the author is describing in the first paragraph. I think that the author did a great job of describing the emotions of joe in this paragraph.

For instance, in the third sentence the author wrote “It was wonderfully calming and tranquil to be here. I became aware of a feeling of complete freedom - to do what I wanted to do when I wanted to, and in whatever manner.” What the author is trying to communicate to the reader is that it is very peaceful and Joe likes being isolated and completely free. Nowadays it is hard to achieve this due to all the problems and work we encounter in our daily lives.

Another example is when the writer wrote “All lethargy was swept away by an invigorating independence.” What the writer is trying to say is that Joe is not tired anymore and is willing to give it his all to try and climb the mountain. I think the reason why he said the invigorating independence was the reason why all the lethargy went away is that, all responsibility is in their hands and there is no one else to help them. I think this is what gave him the feeling of being able to do it and give it his all.

Thirdly, another example is When the author wrote:”I was not in any hurry, and knew we could both reach the summit easily.” What the author is trying to say here is that he feels very positive about being able to reach the summit of the mountain. This kind of feels like a really brave and enthusiastic emotion because the author is so confident in himself.

Topic of intrest

My family and I have been watching the news a lot lately regarding the Taliban and how they are trying to take over Afghanistan. We are following this because it is important to know what is happening around you and how it impacts you as an individual. I think what they are doing is cruel and I don't think anyone who lives there should go trough what they are going trough at the moment. This is especially a big problem with the women who live there, they almost have no rights and human rights which is terrible.

They are forced to stay at home, they are not allowed to get education in school, they are not allowed to show themselves to other (they have to hide themselves). So they are not allowed to show their skin, etc. They are treated like slaves and there is no way they can fight for their freedom because they will be killed by the Taliban. I think we should all fight back because all humans gave a amount of human rights that they should be able to have and not taken away from them.

What I am also trying to understand is the point of view from the U.S and why they moved out of afganistan giving the Taliban the opportunity to fully take over afganistan. What's also scary is that the U.S soldiers were hanging on the plane leaving with soldiers back the U.S because they could not take more at once. This shows what horrible things go on there and how they are in desperate need of help.

it would be hard to battle them due to the fact that the U.S gave them the equipment they are using to fight. Such as, rifles, helicopters, etc. This makes it extremely hard for the U.S to go back even if they wanted to. So hopefully the U.S together with other countries will try to free those who live there and get rid of the ones who are keeping them there. So I will keep on following the news and hope for the best.