Dropping a reader into a story

The drop in method that I chose was the first one which is starting at a dramatic moment. I chose this because there is immediately action and often the reader questions how the person in the story ended up in that situation. This hopefully makes them curious and wanting to read more and find out if their theory was correct on how they ended up there.

I was in shock, there was blood everywhere and it felt like my legs were buried in cement. I tried to run however my body would not let me. The scary noises coming towards me are getting louder and I finally become more self-conscious and start running upstairs again. The footsteps are following me up the stairs and I can hear the breathing of the person behind me. I run into the closest room and lock the door. The noises have disappeared, I check underneath the door and I can still see the shadow of the person. I can see he is holding something in his hand however, he is standing still and not moving an inch.

I start to severely panic due to the fact that I do not know how to get out of this situation. I scream as hard as I can to try and wake up my parents but there is no response. I go sit in the corner with my eyes closed hoping this will be over soon. The light starts to flicker on and off which concerns me more because it might turn off fully. I close my eyes and ears and think about how I can escape. The lights turn off and there is not a single sound in the house. I have to check what happened downstairs and why there is so much blood.

I look underneath the door and the hallway is dark as well, I open the door and run out. I try to find the staircase however, I keep running into the walls and furniture. I can again hear the breathing behind me louder and louder. I fall off the staircase and land at the end. I can feel I’m completely covered in something and I don’t know that. Right when I try to figure out where fell and what’s around me, something grabs my arm.

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