Creative writing based on childhood memory

The Trusted Ones

I finally managed to properly do it for the first time, I am riding the bicycle without the help wheels and it is going pretty good. I trust my dad to make sure I don’t fall on the grass since there is a chance I could hurt myself. That is the nice thing about trust, you can rely on the people you trust as they help you out of risky situations.

After riding around the garden more I can see an odd smile appear on his face, maybe he is just proud I have finally achieved what I have been working for. As I ride more he suddenly lets go of me and I start to lose balance. I struggle to keep riding in a straight line and as I look back you can see him with a big smile and dark red eyes wave at me as I start falling.

All I could feel was an empty feeling in my stomach of betrayal and sadness as the person I trusted the most, had just left me on my own. As I keep falling I realise that I should have already hit the ground, however everything around me is becoming dark and harder to see what is truly going on.

As I look around and try to grab on, I keep on grabbing nothing whilst I’m disappearing further into the darkness. The empty feeling in my stomach becomes stronger and stronger the more I think about what has happened. Everything around me is dark, however the only thing I can see is how my dad let go of me all the way at the top of the darkness.

As I keep on replaying what happened, I become lighter and lighter as I slowly fade away into the darkness with the empty feeling in my stomach of betrayal and sadness.

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