Seventeen: Letting go

Planted: Tuesday 11/9/2021
Last Tended: Tuesday 11/9/2021

There are times when it's hard for me to let go of words. It's easy when I'm writing creatively, but when I write for academic publications, it's hard for me to let go of the words.

My extended abstract needs to be 1,500 words and I'm at 2,300 without references. I'm having a hard time letting go. I took out a bunch of words and then I inserted more. I feel like if I take out some of the sentences or paragraphs, the meaning will get lost.

The deadline for this extended abstract is the 15th. This is my second attempt at getting this article published. I hope it gets accepted. If not, maybe I'll submit it one other place and if it gets rejected, I'll just publish it on my website.

My goals for tomorrow

  1. Finish up cutting out words from the extended abstract
  2. Write a rough draft of my writing sample for the author cohort

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