Musings on transformation and growth -- Digital Garden Seeds. #100Days

Twenty-Seven: Another submission

I'm struggling to keep a routine with posting on Listed[1]. I didn't post yesterday, but I did write towards my application for the social impact author's cohort. I wrote three pages for my writing sample and edited five questions. Today, I revised the questions again and then submitted my application. I will find out in January if I was accepted. It would be dope if I was. A bit validating too. It would mean I am a writer, but I guess I am already a writer, but this would mean others see me as a writer.

I'm going to continue with writing the #100days, but I need to do better with posting each day, even though I am writing daily.

I decided today that I need to choose a time to post on Listed and keep to it. So I will post at 8am each day or on my lunch break. Whichever comes first. Today doesn't count because I just made the decision. Also, tomorrow, because I'm flying.

[1] https://listed.to/@LisaMariePhD/29730/twenty-four-routine

Twenty-Six: Pieces + Doubt

Planted: Thursday November 18, 2021
Last Tended: Thursday November 18, 2021

I have my writing everywhere. I will stumble on an old notebook and find something fire that I wrote. I will find a file in my Standard Notes or Onenote and it will be fire. Setting up a system is important, but even more importantly, I need to piece all my writing together.

For this social impact author cohort, I need to share a sample up to 10 pages of what my book will look like. I wanted to write something from scratch[1], but then I found something I wrote in a notebook a few years ago and I realized that I didn't have to write something new. I'm going to spend the last two hours of today writing up a short sample. I am going to write the author's note/preface to Collectively Upward.

I am a bit nervous about applying to this cohort. Me applying signals to myself, that I actually want to be a writer. I want to tell stories and share them widely. But a part of me wonders: what if I don't get in?

I almost wasn't going to submit my application. I do that a lot. Last minute, I will abandon an application. But I always end up submitting it. Sometimes I get in and other times I don't, but I am always happy that I faced my fears and applied.

No matter what happens, I will continue to write this collection of essays, but it would be great if it was in the cohort.

The deadline is on the 20th and tomorrow, I will spend time revising my application responses and then submit. Cheers to facing fears.

[1] https://listed.to/@LisaMariePhD/29558/nineteen-editing-blocks

Twenty-Five: Audience

Planted: Saturday October 16, 2021
Last Tended: Wednesday November 17, 2021

Almost done with the application for the social impact author cohort. I been reflecting and think it is mostly individuals who are building in groups.

Collectively Upward[1] is a collection of essays and stories based on my life experiences working with various groups; grassroots, higher education, community, and more. These life experiences have cummulated into the question: how can we create collective change and grow despite our individual differences.

Many of my stories and strategies stem from working in groups, so the main audience I would like to reach are people who are building in groups[2]: coalitations, cooperatives, alliances, ecosystem builders, palce-based partnerships, peer to peer mentoring groups, social clubs. These are groups where individuals people or organizations come together to work on a shared vision. Sometimes working together is successful and other times it is not, but as more and more people look for alternatives outside of capitalism, they will need resources and stories that create a pathway.

The people who should read Collectively Upward are looking for answers in the solidarity economy, mutal aid, circular economy, open-source, decentralization, social good, and other collaborative forms of working together.

Note: I'm posting this on 11/18 @12:18am, but I wrote it on 11/17, but I was on the move (anyone know how to post Listed notes from mobile?). I really do need to stick to a time that I will post these[3].

[1] https://listed.to/@LisaMariePhD/29648/defining-collectively-upward
[2] https://listed.to/@LisaMariePhD/29555/defining-abundance
[3] https://listed.to/@LisaMariePhD/29730/twenty-four-routine

Twenty-Four: Routine

Planted: November 16, 2021
Last Tended: November 16, 2021

I need to create a time that I dedicate to writing. I think it would be best to do it in the morning that way I don't make excuses later in the day. I am thinking 7:30 to 8:30am. One hour a day and then maybe another 30 minutes at the end of the day.

I have a list of book ideas and to get them done, I need to be consistent. It would be great if once a year I published one academic publication and one fiction/non-fiction a year. Not sure if it's possible to do, but I already have a few academic publications done or almost done. Some of my fiction/non-fiction book ideas are also in various stages of completion. If I get into a rhythm of having a pipeline of books and writings in queue then I can complete my goals.

Twenty-Three: Behind

Planted: November 15, 2021
Last Tended: November 15, 2021

I am behind on applying to this social impact author cohort. So tomorrow, I am going to dedicate the day to finishing up the draft of the application so I can revise it and submit it on Friday.

There are a number of questions which I started drafting up responses, but I need to write my sample for the book idea. Which is a collection of essays based on the Collectively Upward[1] framework. I think the working title will be Collectively Upward and other stories. A collection of essays, stories, and templates.

A true work in progres.

[1] https://listed.to/@LisaMariePhD/29648/defining-collectively-upward

Lima Pea Co. Strategic Narrative

Planted: Friday October 29, 2021
Last Tended: Friday October 29, 2021

Our DNA: Learn.Grow.Pass (Heritage, Preservation, Culture, Legacy, Experimentation, Action)[1]

Shared Resolve: Actualizing Change
IW shared purpose: discovering dreams and self
COUP shared purpose: actualizing dreams
HF shared purpose: sharing articulating dreams

Quest: to create stories and strategies about actualizing change while navigating uncertainty

Strategic Narrative/Message: We'll bring the stories and strategies; you bring your dreams, your curiousity, and your experiences and together we will make your ideas a reality even while navigating uncertainy

Pathways we are currently interested in:
Strategies for change (Learn.Grow.Pass)
Growing as a leader (advancement)[2]
Tapping into creative power (alignment)[3]
Using technology for opportunity (awareness)[4]
Building collective wealth (abundance)[5]

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[5] https://listed.to/@LisaMariePhD/29555/defining-abundance

Defining Collectively Upward

Planted: Friday March 1, 2019
Last tended: Friday March 1, 2019

Inspired by my dissertation work, I want to understand how people change places over time. Which people? Well, for the most part my writing and ideas stem from my experiences, so I'm mostly talking about how a Black woman can change a place. What places? I'm in love with Toni Cade Bambara's quote that the "revolution begins with the self, in the self," The places that I think about are the self, home, school, work, and nature. What time? All of time; the past informs the present and the future[1].

I want to focus on the question of how do Black women change places and grow. This direction allows for the exploration of power and access[2] in relation to the various places Black women operate. Right now, I'm focused on self-exploration and self-healing as starting points for personal growth in Black women.

I want to serve as a leadership and mentoring resource. My first mission is to connect 1000 growth-oriented Black women to information that helps them change the places that they occupy. Think of it as a framework for moving Collectively Upward.

Thinking about milestones and progress, the following five areas are objectives to shoot for.

  • Access to resources for upward mobility for the self, family, and community[3].
  • Income generated through physical and intellectual property.
  • Boundaries in place to lead a fulfilled life.
  • Love and heal the self[4].
  • Honor the environment.

These objectives can be measured by reaching milestones like:

  • A new law, rule, policy, program, etc is implemented in a place.
  • Behaviors, mindsets, values, and norms shift.
  • Embracing personal power and identity.
  • Comfortable with self and acknowledging accomplishments.
  • A switch to one or more sustainable or environmentally friendly practice.

The values that guide this work are:

  • Exploration
  • Collaboration
  • Leadership
  • Adaptation[5]
  • Mentorship

[1] https://listed.to/@LisaMariePhD/29618/defining-histofuturist-histofuturism
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[5] https://listed.to/@LisaMariePhD/29609/defining-awareness

Twenty-Two: Partnerships

Planted: Sunday November 14, 2021
Last Tended: Sunday November 14, 2021

I’m waiting for feedback on my brand kit that I want to send potential organizations. I am thinking career development offices at schools and HR departments at organizations. I currently have four leads: two high schools and two colleges.

I am trying to think about the type of organizations that might want to purchase my journal. I am thinking I should make a larger list of maybe 100 organizations to start out with.

I want to look at companies that value their employees career advancement and schools that value the career development of their students.

I’m thinking about students who might be undecided in their majors or maybe employees who have potential but maybe haven’t found the right fit in their organizations.

I’ll think about it and I’ll start with organizations in New York and then expand.

Twenty-One: Marketing

Planted: Saturday November 13, 2021
Last Tended: Saturday November 13, 2021

I really don't like to market or do sales. But I need to use the remainder of this month getting together the branding of the Intellectual Will journal. I need to send out my brand kit and make some video highlights from my fireside chat[1].

I consider October 1st until now the soft launch of the Intellectual Will journal. I'm collecting feedback and gaining insights, but now I need to take action on that information.

I want to place an order for the journals by February, so between now and February I need to work on getting speaking engagements, bulk orders, and a little buzz.

I've done well so far with the pre-orders and the digital purchases, but I could do a little better.

Eventually, I will hire someone to help me with marketing and sales, but for now, I'm on my own. I did weigh the pros and cons of self-publishing and originally was going the traditional route, but decided to do it myself[3]. I am happy I am doing it myself, it gives me something to do; a way to work my creative side.

[1] https://youtu.be/ReRmCe09_94
[2] https://intellectualwill.com/
[3] https://listed.to/@LisaMariePhD/5367/four-traditional-publishing-v-self-publishing

Defining Histofuturist/Histofuturism

Planted: Thursday October 17, 2019
Last Tended: Saturday November 13, 2021

I’m a life long learner and dedicated to improving myself, the life of others, and the condition of our planet.

I care about transformation and growth of the environment... self, built, natural, and spiritual.

I don’t have a catchy branded mission or summary, but the overarching theme of mt writing is transformation and growth.

I see the final product for my collection, but I’m still working on finding the right words. So I’ll just describe my desires.

My blog serves as a resource. It’s an online learning experience. It’s the digital library of my thoughts. It’s a place to find worksheets and templates. It’s a meeting place. It’s a place for people who don’t have mentors and have questions on how to navigate uncertainty. It’s a place for conversation. It’s a place where understanding can occur. It’s a place for creativity to be fostered. It’s a place to be me.

I think a lot about how people can grow individually (with their own perceptions and reality) and how people can grow collectively (despite different perceptions and realities we can rally toward a common goal).

I like the idea that the world is always changing. I vibe tremendously with adrienne maree brown book emergent strategy

I like to think about past realities and imagined futures. Especially about Haiti, women, economy, learning.

I’m a mix between a historian and a futurist. Histofuturist? When I looked this word to see if anyone else has used it, turns out Octavia Butler describes herself as a histofuturist. I knew she was my favorite speculative fiction writer for a reason.

Histofuturist. As I read about Octavia Butler, I realize I have some things in common with her. 34 is when she called herself histofuturist. I used the same word then as well @ 34. She loved public libraries, um me too. And she loved using various sources/disciplines to support her ideas. I realize I am a speculative non fiction writer. I mostly think about Haiti and Black people as a whole and the planet and distant planets.

A Histofuturist, tells stories of the past realities and imagined futures. They are a Storyteller. Keeper of knowledge. An oral historian. A griot. Krik Krak.

I am a histofuturist. I am embolden to shared stories of change to archive and document conversations, stories, ideas that transformative leaders are having; to leave a mark, a roadmap, a blueprint, a log for future generations to ensure the transfer of knowledge, and most of all the retention of memory history, a marker to say in 5th grade voice "I wuz here, dr Lisa-Marie wuz here, we wuz here"

I like thinking about untold stories. I like thinking of strategies. I like thinking about people who pursue their hopes and the people and places that are shaped by that hope.

People- women, indigenous, Haitian, African diaspora, basically anyone underrepresented and historically oppressed

Places - the body, the mind, the home, work, parks/cultural spaces, earth
Hope - freedom, connection, cooperation, enrichment.

I like to think if we had more meaningful connections with people despite our differing realities/perceptions, maybe we could shift paradigms and live in peace and freedom.

So what’s my writing about? I guess it’s about my thoughts on how I and others can transform despite our differences to pursue freedom.

I try to my best ability to codify and visualize and share my thought process. I understand it’s difficult to share knowledge but I try to share my tacit knowledge. Maybe it might help someone think through their ideas.

Some topics that I think can fall under Histofuturism:
Emerging Technologies to consider
• Blockchain
o In countries like Haiti where banking is difficult and not accessible is blockchain a change
o How do we govern blockchain
• Cloud storage
o How will people find unfinished manuscripts in the future?
o Where do we find old photos for curation and archives?
o How do we access these cloud storages?
• Surveillance
o From being branded as enslaved people to being digitally tracked

Is this histiography?

What do I mean by past realities and imagined futures?
• A past reality – is something that happened in the before the future. It is real and it happened. This includes the present. Present day is an middle passage to the future. It is a split in possibilities.
• Imagined futures – is something that has not happened yet. It is forecasting and thinking about how the unknown will emerge. It’s creativity, it’s worldbuilding.
• Merging the fields of history and futurism – cannot forecast the future without considering the past. Or the history of that topic/context.

Is this path dependency?
As a Black feminist, what does it mean to look in the past and into the future? How do I look at the past reality and imagine a future?
• What past am I looking into?
o For the purpose of illustrating Histofuturism, I can use technology. The future is technology, but that does not necessarily mean that the past I’m observing is technology.

What is technology?
• define technology?

What is governance?
• Define governance

These are rough thoughts. Eventually, I want to take this concept and write an academic publication on it. It's interesting that when I first thought about histofuturism it was because I was thinking about how to share my knowledge and gather my thoughts. This makes me wonder if histofuturism is a blanket term for knowledge sharing. How do we bring our knowledge into the future. How do we archive our thoughts and leave a legacy. How do we pass on knowledge to the future?

All these thoughts are all over the place, but I would like to spend this year exploring what I think or mean by histofuturist and histofuturism.

Defining Awareness

Planted: Sunday 9/27/2020
Last Tended: Sunday 9/27/2020

Sometimes I reflect on the phrase that the revolution will not be televised and I wonder if that means it will be digitized.

The internet, software, technology is the Wild Wild West.

It’s the new frontier and policy can’t keep up. Issues that existed in the physical world seem to be mimic and replicate in the digital world

Inequity, racism, surveillance.

But the digital world can also be a place of connection, growth, social good, and innovation.

When people were enslaved one key method of oppression and suppression was ensuring a person was not literate. As individuals gained literacy they were able to advocate for themselves.

The digital world reminds me of the same things. Not many people have strong digital literacy skills or know how to use digital tools. The digital divide is not only in terms of access, but use and empowerment.

People, particularly BIPOC have a chance to claim stake in this virtual world. We were left out in gaining property and ownership in the physical world.

But there is a chance in the digital world to get on equal footing. The digital world is still frontier enough that it’s possible for people to gain ownership, literacy, and advance on our terms and ensure the oppression in the physical plane does not continue to occur in the digital plane

It's important to reflect on emerging technology, digital policy, digital tools, and how to use the technologies and digital tools for good.

Twenty: Submission

Planted: Friday 11/12/2021
Last Tended: Friday 11/12/2021

I submitted the journal article last night. I am excited to submit this article that is based on my dissertation research. I created a conceptual model from a pilot study that informed my dissertation research on women academic entrepreneurs and the institutional environments that constrain or enable their entrepreneurial activity.

This paper has been rejected once already from a journal, but I think this one could potentially have a chance of being selected to be developed further. The special issue is specifcally about theory building about entrepreneurial universities and that is exactly what I am attempting to do.

I also went back to my old papers that I started and I have two that are near completion that I will attempt to edit and submit. I also have started outlining and jotting down a few more publication ideas. It's interesting, I don't want to be a faculty member (just yet), but I do enjoy writing and researching topics. I do enjoy that I can write at my own pace and I don't have to worry about publish or perish.

Since I've graduated, I've published one book chapter on Octavia Butler and how her works are Speculating Sustainability[1]. If I can get one paper in every year or two, that would be great. If not, my dissertation[2] and this book chapter are wins.

Cheers to more journal submissions. Now my next goal is to get this social impact author cohort application submitted.

[1] https://link.springer.com/referenceworkentry/10.1007%2F978-3-030-38948-2_8-1
[2] https://www.proquest.com/openview/53c26134f1b103e5b9df024112319b37/1?pq-origsite=gscholar&cbl=18750&diss=y

Nineteen: Editing Blocks

Planted: Thursday 11/11/2021
Last Tended: Thursday 11/11/2021

A lot of people talk about writing blocks. How they sit down at their desk and words to do not flow and the pages stay empty. I don't have that problem. Once it's time for me to write, my fingers move[1]. What I do struggle with is editing[2]. I usually edit as I write. I will write a sentence or paragraph or even a few pages, pause and then go back from the beginning, refine my thoughts, cut some sections out, add something new, etc. I put down the document for a couple of hours or days and I return to proofread for clarity and errors and then I'm ready to submit.

When I complete a document and then someone returns it to me with feedback or suggestions for edits, I get stuck. I can't even count how many half finished publications I have saved because I didn't know how to edit the documents. The only way I know how to edit, is to completely start over. I did that with my dissertation and research publications and my advisor would wonder why things were taking me so long. It's because I would start over. Go back to the literature, reread articles, make an outline, and write an entirely new document with an entirely new thesis and premise (I have about 3 started dissertation topics that I did deep dives on).

I'm struggling right now to edit the extended abstract because I don't know how to edit it. For me, I wrote what I wrote and I meant what I said. If I have new thoughts, I will write something new.

It's interesting that this dawned on me today because a few days ago when I was reflecting on the design of the digital garden[3], I struggled with the idea of tending to an exisiting note. To use the analogy of gardening, if I need to make changes, I just pull the entire plant out (it's a weed to me now) or I leave it alone, abandoned. Then I just create something new. Dig up the hole, take out the plant and start over.

Sometimes I might use something that I wrote already and mix and match words I've created, but most of the time I start over.

Sometime, I will go through my notebook and find ideas and thoughts that I started and then let go because I didn't really know how to edit. So many unfinished writings or finishing writings that never saw the light of day. Is this what it means to be a writer? Not everything gets published?

When people say they had 18 major revisions before they completed a book. For me it's either I did nothing because I edit as I go or I wrote something new about 18 times.

Is that what editing is? Knowing me, this weekend will be spent doing a deep dive on how to edit and the meaning of editing.

All I know is that a lot of times when I procrastinate when it comes to writing. It's not because I have writer's block. I have tons of ideas, it's because I don't know what to do and I am completely overwhelmed with the idea of editing because to me that means starting over. And I spend hours and days researching, sketching, and crafting my thoughts. To be told I need to make edits overwhelms me because that means I need to spend hours researching, outlining, sketching, and crafting my thoughts. Again.


[1] https://listed.to/@LisaMariePhD/7375/twelve-deadlines
[2] https://listed.to/@LisaMariePhD/7354/eleven-reset
[3] https://listed.to/@LisaMariePhD/29454/digital-garden-design

Defining Abundance

Planted: 9/27/2020
Last Tended: 11/11/2021

Collective wealth is a way for people to gain upward mobility. Pool resources together and using them to move forward with goals.

Collective wealth is not limited to financial wealth, but can be education, career, ideas, and more.

Cooperatives, collectives, co-working spaces, and other collective means of taking individual strengths to form a collective strength is the future.

Eighteen: Overcommiting

Planted: Wednesday 11/10/2021
Last Tended: Wednesday 11/10/2021

I am exhausted. I've spent so much time giving to others that when it is time for me to work on my creative projects, I am too drained.

Part of the problem is that I am overcommiting and saying yes too much.

I need to work on saying no, so I have room for the hell yeahs in my life[1].

My goal for this year and the upcoming year is to say no to anything that doesn't make me say "hell yeah"

That's going to be difficult, but I know it will help me accomplish my writing goals more quickly.

I didn't work on any of my creative writing today and the deadlines for the extended abstract and writing cohort are quickly approaching. Tomorrow, I will say No to leave room for me to reach these deadlines.


[1] https://sive.rs/n

Defining Advancement

Planted: 9/27/2020
Last Tended: 11/9/2021

I started thinking about advancement when I was working at a research center. I thought for me to get to a director or executive level position, I needed a PhD. When I entered my PhD program I eventually decided to study women and innovation in the workplace specifically engineering faculty who commercialized their intellectual property within an university. Most people spend 30-50 hours a week in a workplace and the interactions and policies that occurred in those spaces interested me.

I started to learn about the difficulties women had reaching leadership positions despite them having the skills and talent.

I learned about the broken rung how many women of color don’t moved past entry level or managerial positions and aren’t represented in the C-Suite.

I learned about institutional entrepreneurship, those who act entrepreneurially to create change.

I also learned that I am a leader and I want to be an executive and C-Suite member because my ideas, skills, and talents are valuable.

But there were many things along the way that I didn’t know much about because I didn't have many role models.

How do we get more underestimated, underrepresented, whatever you want to call people who are on the margins into leadership positions?

Leadership to me is a broad concept - people who are the first in their family or communities to embark on something are leaders.

People who are seeking titles and more decision making responsibilities the workplace are leaders.

People who are creating systems and policy changes are leaders

Parents and grandparents and other caretakers of the home and community life are leaders.