Eleven: Reset

Planted: Thursday 8/1/2019
Last Tended: Thursday 8/1/2019

Time for a reset.

I was so focused on finishing up my dissertation revisions, moving, and traveling that I didn't make writing my book a priority. I'm almost officially done with my PhD program. My dissertation is going through the formatting and prepping for ProQuest. Hopefully, by mid-August my degree will officially be conferred.

I just finished reading the book "Working" by Robert Caro [1] and it inspired me to take a different approach to my book writing. I realized that I was just writing. I didn't have a plan other than taking my current document [2] and adding content to it. When I write for school, I spend a lot of time researching, reading, and outlining. I am realizing that I don't take that same approach when it comes to my creative writing. I just have an idea pop into my head; I write, I review, and then I keep it moving.

Caro mentions that before he starts a book he spends time distilling the book topic into a few paragraphs. He does this so he knows what his book is about at all times. He keeps in his office the summary and looks at it whenever he heads into a digession. And even if he heads into a digression, he makes sure that it aligns with the summary on his wall.

I've loosely followed this method when it comes to my blog mission. I have written and rewritten countless times my blog mission. I revisit it often to make sure that I am on track. However, I have never tried Caro's method for academic or non-academic long form writing. I am not going to start writing the book over from the beginning, but I am going to backtrack and reset my process.

Today, I am working on my few paragraphs. I think finding the right words and theme will guide me in developing a clear outline.

Goals for tomorrow

  1. Edit my summary
  2. Write Listed update


[1] Working: http://www.robertcaro.com/the-books/working/
[2] Intellectual Will: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1VPbGQD4l840CNSZqi82orM_19pjDGuPM3X7rGFdMxag/edit

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