Ten: Missing a day

Planted: Sunday 5/19/2019
Last Tended: Sunday 5/19/2019

I did not write yesterday or do anything towards my book. I made it nine days straight before I slipped up, but that's okay. I'm not going to give up. I'm going to keep on going.

I was working on my dissertation revisions and didn't make writing my book a priority. I think part of the reason is that I don't really have a schedule or routine for writing the book. I just try to write or work on it before I go to bed. I should try to keep a schedule, but that's been hard since graduating. I just am focused on sleeping, finishing my revisions, working on my journal publication, and moving.

I was telling my roommate my plans for the week and she asked me when am I going to rest and have fun. The sad thing, this is me having fun. Working on my dissertation and journal publications by day and working on the book and my blog by night. To people looking in, I don't rest, but for me I am resting. Writing is where I am free. I can say whatever I want without trying to appease my dissertation committee or a journal editor. My blog is ad free and I fund it out of my own pocket, so I just answer to me. That's freeing. It's liberating.

Missing a day is not the end of the world. Especially since my priority is turning in my dissertation revisions so I can officially graduate. But a part of me was bummed. I wanted to be able to say I wrote for 100 days straight because I've never done that (well creatively).

Goals for tomorrow

  1. Make a deep work schedule for May and June
  2. Outline introduction
  3. Write Listed update


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