Nine: Next steps

Planted: Saturday 5/18/2019
Last Tended: Saturday 5/18/2019

Yesterday, I finished writing the text for the first two parts of the book. I am pausing on writing the other parts of the book. This will give me time to work on writing a first part that is good enough to send to agents.

I want to rearrange parts of the book that I've written so far. I think my introduction shouldn't be in poetry format and I should write a regular introduction to the topic of personal development. The book originally was going to be four parts, but if I move around some sections, it will be five parts.

The things I need to focus on now are:

  • Figuring out how to use Adobe
  • Creating images in Adobe
  • Figuring out the typeface I want to use for the quotes
  • Fact checking quotes
  • Making a list of potential agents
  • Contacting agents
  • Getting feedback from the beta readers
  • Make questions for my focus group

Goals for tomorrow

  1. Outline introduction for 20 minutes
  2. Find quotes for 10 minutes
  3. Find agents for 25 minutes
  4. Write Listed update for 5 minutes


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