Eight: Fact checking

Planted: Saturday 5/18/2019
Last Tended: Saturday 5/18/2019

I am looking for quotes from people primarily from underpresented groups. I have found a bunch of quotes that I enjoy and that I feel align with what I am writing. I was looking over some of the quotes I found and decided I want to find the original source. I want to be able to reference back to where I found the quotes so people can read or listen to the entire excerpt.

It's interesting that people just post quotes on the Internet, but don't say where they found the quote. Quotes or even proverbs are passed down and shared, but we don't know where it's from. I want to make sure that all my quotes are referenced properly. All the sections of the book are based on my experiences and are mostly written in poetry format. I don't have any fact-checking to do other than making sure my quotes are properly attributed. That makes things easier for me.

Goals for tomorrow

  1. Work on book layout for 20 minutes
  2. Find quotes for 10 minutes
  3. Find agents for 25 minutes
  4. Write Listed update for 5 minutes


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