Twelve: Deadlines

Planted: Friday 8/2/2019
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I am a person who lets the words fly when I write. I read through to make sure things make sense and then I keep it pushing. Yesterday, I wrote a summary of the book, which came out to about 300 words. I just wrote. Today, I spent nearly 2.5 hours rereading and rewriting that paragraph and the title of the book. By the time I finished and felt satisfied with what I wrote, it was lunch time and I had 125 words. Maybe it took me a long time to write because I decided to write by hand in my notebook, but I think it might have taken that long even if I wrote on the computer.

I like what I wrote. I feel it explains what the book is about. Now I can type and keep it next to me as I work on the outline of the book and the writing of the chapters.

Time is something I am always pressed about. I have an urgency for something that doesn't exist. I don't have an editor urging me. It's just me. I'm back on the fence about self-publishing vs. traditional publishing. If I decide to self-publish or even just release the book as a PDF resource on my website, it is going to take time for me to write and figure out Illustrator and InDesign.

Even though I feel a sense of urgency and I am pushing myself to finish this book; I really don't have a rush. My only rush is that I've always wanted to write a book that helps people. At this point, I want to write this book even if noone reads it. It's for my own satisfaction and because of that, I need to set some parameters. One parameter is a deadline. If I am following the 100 days writing challenge [1], that means the first draft needs to be completed by November 8th.

Goals for tomorrow

  1. Write outline
  2. Write Listed update


[1] 100 Days Writing Challenge:

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