Thirteen: Reminders

Planted: Friday 8/2/2019
Last Tended: Friday 8/2/2019

Today I was reviewed my notes and revised my outline (kind of). While I was looking over the old material, I started to feel overwhelmed. I felt like I was starting over and I was not in the mood to do that. However, I decided to get a grip and review what I have already written on Listed. It's interesting reading back on what I was saying in May. It also was a helpful reminder about where I left off in my process. I have already completed two out of the five parts of the book. I am going to edit those and reread them and see how they fit into my new summary.

I found a quote that I wrote about adapting and adjusting and it was a reminder that I did not want to finish the entire book in 100 days (though that would be nice). I decided I was going to take the parts that are already completed and start working on the illustration, layout, etc. Maybe even share it with one beta reader to see what they think. Below is the quote.

"I decided to adjust my goal. My goal was to write the entire book in the 100 days, but I am going to shift it to having the writing, typeface, illustrations, layout, and beta reading done for the first two parts of the book. I think that's doable for me. I can play around on Adobe and make my images. If I ended up finishing early, I will move on to the other two parts of the book. Adapting is important and maybe it was meant to be that I work on the illustrations myself."[1]

Goals for tomorrow

  1. Read old journal entries and take notes
  2. Revise intellectual will definition
  3. Write Listed update


[1] Adjusting goals quote:

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