Defining Collectively Upward

Planted: Friday March 1, 2019
Last tended: Friday March 1, 2019

Inspired by my dissertation work, I want to understand how people change places over time. Which people? Well, for the most part my writing and ideas stem from my experiences, so I'm mostly talking about how a Black woman can change a place. What places? I'm in love with Toni Cade Bambara's quote that the "revolution begins with the self, in the self," The places that I think about are the self, home, school, work, and nature. What time? All of time; the past informs the present and the future[1].

I want to focus on the question of how do Black women change places and grow. This direction allows for the exploration of power and access[2] in relation to the various places Black women operate. Right now, I'm focused on self-exploration and self-healing as starting points for personal growth in Black women.

I want to serve as a leadership and mentoring resource. My first mission is to connect 1000 growth-oriented Black women to information that helps them change the places that they occupy. Think of it as a framework for moving Collectively Upward.

Thinking about milestones and progress, the following five areas are objectives to shoot for.

  • Access to resources for upward mobility for the self, family, and community[3].
  • Income generated through physical and intellectual property.
  • Boundaries in place to lead a fulfilled life.
  • Love and heal the self[4].
  • Honor the environment.

These objectives can be measured by reaching milestones like:

  • A new law, rule, policy, program, etc is implemented in a place.
  • Behaviors, mindsets, values, and norms shift.
  • Embracing personal power and identity.
  • Comfortable with self and acknowledging accomplishments.
  • A switch to one or more sustainable or environmentally friendly practice.

The values that guide this work are:

  • Exploration
  • Collaboration
  • Leadership
  • Adaptation[5]
  • Mentorship


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