Lima Pea Co. Strategic Narrative

Planted: Friday October 29, 2021
Last Tended: Friday October 29, 2021

Our DNA: Learn.Grow.Pass (Heritage, Preservation, Culture, Legacy, Experimentation, Action)[1]

Shared Resolve: Actualizing Change
IW shared purpose: discovering dreams and self
COUP shared purpose: actualizing dreams
HF shared purpose: sharing articulating dreams

Quest: to create stories and strategies about actualizing change while navigating uncertainty

Strategic Narrative/Message: We'll bring the stories and strategies; you bring your dreams, your curiousity, and your experiences and together we will make your ideas a reality even while navigating uncertainy

Pathways we are currently interested in:
Strategies for change (Learn.Grow.Pass)
Growing as a leader (advancement)[2]
Tapping into creative power (alignment)[3]
Using technology for opportunity (awareness)[4]
Building collective wealth (abundance)[5]


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