Twenty-Five: Audience

Planted: Saturday October 16, 2021
Last Tended: Wednesday November 17, 2021

Almost done with the application for the social impact author cohort. I been reflecting and think it is mostly individuals who are building in groups.

Collectively Upward[1] is a collection of essays and stories based on my life experiences working with various groups; grassroots, higher education, community, and more. These life experiences have cummulated into the question: how can we create collective change and grow despite our individual differences.

Many of my stories and strategies stem from working in groups, so the main audience I would like to reach are people who are building in groups[2]: coalitations, cooperatives, alliances, ecosystem builders, palce-based partnerships, peer to peer mentoring groups, social clubs. These are groups where individuals people or organizations come together to work on a shared vision. Sometimes working together is successful and other times it is not, but as more and more people look for alternatives outside of capitalism, they will need resources and stories that create a pathway.

The people who should read Collectively Upward are looking for answers in the solidarity economy, mutal aid, circular economy, open-source, decentralization, social good, and other collaborative forms of working together.

Note: I'm posting this on 11/18 @12:18am, but I wrote it on 11/17, but I was on the move (anyone know how to post Listed notes from mobile?). I really do need to stick to a time that I will post these[3].


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